About us

Since 2004, Prooftag designs, develops and integrates security and track & trace solutions for brands and governments.

Our Story

In 1999, the company Novatec discovered by chance a “spontaneous” generation of bubbles in a polymer. What was initially considered a major defect in the electronic card manufacturing industry was ingeniously turned into a high-security technological solution: the Bubble Tag®.

In 2004 Novatec gave birth to Prooftag in order to develop and make the most of this technology.

After a long development phase, the technology was implemented for the first time in 2007.

Since then, the Bubble Tag® technology has attracted every year more and more users around the world .

Come and discover the complete history of the Company, relating the major events since its creation:

Our Mission

Give confidence:

To Consumers, in their acts of purchase.

To Citizens, in the authenticity and protection of their rights.

To Companies, in the protection of their products, brands and markets.

To Government, in the digital organization of their regalian powers and the collection of taxes.

Prooftag is an end-to-end player in the field of brand protection and document security. We develop a complete ecosystem to guarantee an efficient functional implementation.

We develop and patent our own security technologies.
Our production team develops and produces on our site in Montauban our range of products (seals, labels, foils…).
Our IT engineers develop in-house our software and hosted services.

We ensure the design and the deployment of our solutions on site thanks to our project engineers
Our technical support assists and trains our customers on a daily basis in the use of the following solutions.

Our Values


Since its creation, Prooftag has pursued an important research and development activity in the development of ever more innovative concepts in order to offer its customers solutions at the cutting edge of technology.


Prooftag develops security solutions adapted to the ever evolving needs of our customers with a very high level of security, integrity and ethics as a guideline.


Our teams are attentive and dedicated to our customers’ needs to ensure the operational continuity of our solutions and to imagine the solutions of tomorrow.


We work with a commitment to deliver quality products and services and to apply to our own processes the very same principles of continuous tracking, tracing and analysis of all our operations that we develop for our clients.

Our presence in the world

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Product details

Prooftag cerv

  • Add product details and characteristics directly on the Prooftag CERV interface
  • Add additional information such as origin or composition
  • Register the languages available for viewing your products
  • Define the safety data associated with the product


Prooftag cerv

  • Connectivity and serialisation
  • Track & trace your products and identify the distribution channels of your products
  • Create shipping or product return events
  • Certitrack integration allows you to manage the users and applications that have access to your products


Prooftag cerv

Build customer loyalty by rewarding them for each seal scan


Prooftag cerv

  • Get an alert each time a seal is consulted
  • Receive product location information


Prooftag cerv

Consult the consultation statistics in real time by

  • country
  • consultation language
  • product type


Prooftag cerv
Monitor your markets in real time
and adapt your strategies in real time