Security Seals

A security seal is a tamper-evident feature to prove that an opening has not been tampered or broken.

A seal is not preventing the actual physical opening, but must be capable to prove that it has been opened.

A seal must therefore act as evidence of tampering while at the same time acting as a dissuasion against those who wish to tamper with an opening.

In order to fulfill this mission a security seal must be:

  • Tampered in case of opening or removal attempt
  • Serialized
  • Impossible or difficult to substitute with an identical security seal


Prooftag develops a wide range of adhesive security seals with 3 levels of functionality


Prove physical integrity


Track and trace
each product or document


Authenticate each product or document individually

Depending on the level of security required we can offer you seals with more or less security grades

High Security Seals

Tamper evident + Identification + Authentication

Bubble Seal® offers the highest level of security, with its random constellation of 3D bubbles. It brings together serialization and item level authentication.

Bubble Seal® is a high-security adhesive seal integrating elements to ensure the integrity, track & trace and unitary authenticity of products or documents.

FiberTag® Seal offers a cost-effective security seal using a paper-based material with randomly dispersed security fibers. It combines strong unitary chaotic identification and authentication with a high level of personalization.

FiberTag® Seal is a high-security adhesive seal integrating elements to ensure product integrity, traceability and unitary authenticity.

Ramdot® Seal offers a wide choice of customization in its materials, design and security levels. It is a totally personalized solution build around a Chaosmetric fingerprint based on optically variable particles.

Ramdot® Seal is a tamper evident adhesive security seal for track & trace and item level authentication.

Bubble Seal®

Ramdot Seal®

FibertagFiberTag Seal®

Create your seal

Track & Trace Seals

Tamper Evident + Serialization

Tamper Evident Seals


Product details

Prooftag cerv

  • Add product details and characteristics directly on the Prooftag CERV interface
  • Add additional information such as origin or composition
  • Register the languages available for viewing your products
  • Define the safety data associated with the product


Prooftag cerv

  • Connectivity and serialisation
  • Track & trace your products and identify the distribution channels of your products
  • Create shipping or product return events
  • Certitrack integration allows you to manage the users and applications that have access to your products


Prooftag cerv

Build customer loyalty by rewarding them for each seal scan


Prooftag cerv

  • Get an alert each time a seal is consulted
  • Receive product location information


Prooftag cerv

Consult the consultation statistics in real time by

  • country
  • consultation language
  • product type


Prooftag cerv
Monitor your markets in real time
and adapt your strategies in real time