Security Seals

A security seal is a tamper-evident feature to prove that an opening has not been tampered or broken. A seal is not preventing the actual physical opening, but must be capable to prove that it has been opened. A seal must therefore act as evidence of tampering while at the same time acting as a dissuasion against those who wish to tamper with an opening.

In order to fulfill this mission, a security seal must be:

Tampered in case of opening or removal attempt


Impossible or difficult to substitute with an identical security seal

Prooftag develops a wide range of adhesive security seals with 3 levels of functionality:


Prove physical integrity


Track and trace each product or document


Authenticate each product or document individually

Depending on the level of security required we can offer you seals with more or less security grades.

High Security Seals

Tamper evident + Identification + Authentication

Bubble Seal®

Ramdot Seal®

FiberTag Seal®

Track & Trace Seals

Tamper Evident + Serialization

Tamper Evident Seals