Secure Document

Prooftag offers security sheets for the production and protection of your most sensitive documents and certificates.

Our security paper will enable you to produce documents that are resistant to:



The production of illegitimate
copies / photocopies


FiberTag® security sheets are made from a security paper specifically designed by Prooftag, the FiberTracker.

The FiberTracker is a security paper integrating visible and non-visible fibers that can be registered to create a chaosmetric fingerprint. This imprint makes each document absolutely unique and impossible to reproduce.

Fiber Tag® security sheets ensure:

Unitary authentication with FiberTag® makes each sheet unique and impossible to duplicate

Serialized identification for Track & Trace

FiberTag® sheets offer a wide range of pre-personalization and personalization at the point of issue.

FiberTag® security papers are pre-customized and pre-registered in Prooftag Cerv to be used in a conventional personalization process by laser or inkjet printer.

Pre-registered in our Prooftag Cerv service platform, each document is ready for use. The CertiDOCS software enables the production and issuing of secure documents.