Electoral Process

Security Solutions for Electoral Process

Prooftag offers a complete and scalable range of solutions to secure democratic electoral processes:

Voter enumeration, personalization and certification of voter cards:

Each citizen express his or her vote in a unique way.

Security tools and documents for polling stations:

The electoral process is secure and transparent.

Results collection:

A secure flow of information from voting offices to the electoral commission.

Ballot box - secure electoral process


Security Technologies

  • Voters Cards
  • Voters Lists
  • Ballots
  • Polls
  • Minutes of Proceedings

The voter registration cards certified with a Bubble Tag® are unique and non-reproducible. Each card issued by the system assigns a single vote per citizen, following a process of identification and verification of duplicates (classical method of comparing biometric).

To fight against:




Fake voters

To guarantee:

Card authentication by all and at any time

Tracking cards issued

The ability to revoke cards centrally

The electoral lists are printed with the image of the Bubble Tag® of each voting card. On election day, a simple visual control allows to check the authenticity of the voter cards.
The lists themselves are certified by a Bubble Seal® available at the polling station for all citizens.

To fight against:

Falsification and substitution of lists

To guarantee:

Validation of the voting rights of voters

The ballots are protected and managed to ensure the integrity of voting citizens in the voting booth.

To fight against:

Ballot stuffing

The pre-filled ballots

To guarantee:

The validity of ballots

An easy counting of ballots

The polls are tracked and closed by Bubble Seal® to prevent the exchange and alteration of their contents. Citizens can check the integrity and authenticity of the box by simple visual inspection.

To fight against:

The exchange of polls

Ballot stuffings

To guarantee:

The security of ballot boxes


The minutes constitute material evidence before the competent courts. The logistics of the reports, secured by the Prooftag kit, ensures their integrity, traceability and authenticity until the results are announced.

To fight against:


The substitution


To guarantee:

Traceability of the rise of minutes

The authenticity of the minutes

Security Kits

A modular range

Prooftag offers a range of modular safety kits to reduce the risk of major fraud and secure the entire electoral process in each polling station on Election Day.

The security kit offers a set of components to:

Sealing ballot boxes

Manage ballots

Ensure the integrity of the minutes of proceeding

Securing the logistics of electoral materials

Those kits secure the entire process regardless of the environment (with or without electricity or telephone connection…).


Security Technologies

Our technologies

Conventional security technologies are mass-produced and therefore mass-reproducible. Only technologies that cannot be reproduced by their own manufacturers can offer the assurance of effective protection against counterfeiting.

Since 2004, Prooftag has been developing its own security solutions based on the concept of chaos. Following the example of biometrics which identifies human beings by their physical characteristics, chaosmetry relies on the registration of physical elements that cannot be cloned to create a serialized authentication element.


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