Ramdot ® is a chaosmetric security technology using a random dispersion of optically variable particles.

Chaosmetry relies on the recording of non clonable physical elements to create unique fingerprints.

For Ramdot ®, tiny variations in the initial conditions, during the dispersion of particles on the surface of the support, result in a final dispersion of  particles that is totally unpredictable.

The characterization of a Ramdot® by its measurement gives a unique result allowing the identification of each of them in relation to the others.

Physical Characteristics


Ramdot® uses optically variable particles whose colors and sizes can be selected to create a customized Ramdot®.


The thickness of the particles is sufficient to be perceptible to the touch. It is therefore easy to check the volume of the Ramdot® by passing a finger over it.


Ramdot ® Seal

Ramdot® seals are built on a wide range of tamper evident security substrate. This characteristic reduce the risk of removal and repositioning.

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Security Levels


The optically variable particles of the Ramdot ® change color depending on the inclination.

Required equipment: None
Users: Professionals


Ramdot® is iridescent under UV light. An electronic signature of each Ramdot® is recorded to allow verification by eDMR® reader.

Required equipment: eDMR®
Users: Professionals


The dispersion of the optically variable particles of each Ramdot® is recorded in Prooftag Cerv to become the unique fingerprint of the product.

Required equipment: Smartphone, internet access
Users: General public