Variogram® is a technology that combines serialization with holographic technology to produce a unique, serialized hologram. The Variogram ® consists of a static custom logo and a variable reference, both materialized as a hologram.

Variogram® is a perceptible security component customized to the customer’s image. The graphic design can be a logo or text. The Variogram ® holographic variable reference uses a random security code.

Each Variogram is associated with a certificate hosted on the Prooftag Cerv.

Unique and serialized Holographic security solution


Variogram® contains a random security code that is associated with a database record reference. It is in this local database, cloud, blockchain… that the associated data is stored.

Physical Characteristics


Variogram® is a serialized optically variable marking. The solution offers several options such as holographic pattern details and seal color (bright silver, bright gold, matte silver).


Each Variogram® has a unique variable holographic element such as a reference or 2D code. This holographic serialization provides a higher level of security than a conventional hologram. Variogram® can receive additional security:

A random security code that can be verified online – CCP

An encrypted 2D Code – CryptoMatrix™ or CryptoQRCode™



Variogram® Seals are constructed on a destructible metallized security film, an attempt to remove it will result in visual alteration. These features reduce the risks associated with retrieving and repositioning the authenticating element.

These products are then used for brand protection and document security.

Security Levels


Holographic logo and random code of variable colors according to inclination.

Required equipment: None
Users: General public


UV printing visible under UV light.

Required equipment: UV lamp
Users: Professionals


The serialized reference can be checked online against the random Variogram® code.

Required equipment: Smartphone, internet access
Users: General public

Product details

Prooftag cerv

  • Add product details and characteristics directly on the Prooftag CERV interface
  • Add additional information such as origin or composition
  • Register the languages available for viewing your products
  • Define the safety data associated with the product


Prooftag cerv

  • Connectivity and serialisation
  • Track & trace your products and identify the distribution channels of your products
  • Create shipping or product return events
  • Certitrack integration allows you to manage the users and applications that have access to your products


Prooftag cerv

Build customer loyalty by rewarding them for each seal scan


Prooftag cerv

  • Get an alert each time a seal is consulted
  • Receive product location information


Prooftag cerv

Consult the consultation statistics in real time by

  • country
  • consultation language
  • product type


Prooftag cerv
Monitor your markets in real time
and adapt your strategies in real time