IOT plateforme Prooftag cerv

ProoftagCerv is a secure platform for internet services built on the model of a PaaS (Platform as a Service). This interface allows you to easily manage and supervise the certification, traceability and data associated to your products or documents.

By integrating a wide range of applications into its certification and services platform, Prooftag offers users the possibility of managing the certification of products and documents themselves.

IOT Prooftag Cerv platform

A Complete and Collaborative Ecosystem

ProoftagCerv provides access to a wide range of services associated with product or document lifecycle management.


Ensure the follow-up and unit management of your products in their production phases.


Follow distribution processes to identify distribution points.


Track product returns in your after-sales network.


Prove the origin of products, prove their authenticity with several levels of security.


Prove the physical and informational integrity of the products.


Discourage counterfeiters.


Reassure your consumers by offering them direct assistance in authenticating products.

Putting people in touch

Interact with your consumers and gather their feedback.


Bring relevant information to your consumers to enhance the value of your products.

Ergonomic and user-friendly

Prooftag Cerv is easy to use and does not require any specific computer skills.


ProoftagCerv becomes a tool in your interactive communication strategy: creation of presentation sheets, graphic design, integration with your communication media, user commitment, management of distribution processes, delivery and return.


Prooftag Cerv makes it possible to exploit your consultation statistics and to supervise your distribution or delivery points.


ProoftagCerv adapts to your needs thanks to its numerous services in order to create a personalized management interface that evolves over time.


Hosted in IBM datacenters, Prooftag Cerv benefits from a redundant secure ISO 27001-certified infrastructure with management and supervision of flows, back-ups and incidents.

Global Concept of Chaosmetric Security

Prooftag develops security solutions based on chaosmetric features. These authenticators are the result of a chaotic generation process independent of any human control. Each tag is a totally unique physical fingerprint. After generation, each tag is serialized, then recorded by dedicated equipment in ProoftagCerv.

The overall security concept is based on the correspondence between a unique physical tag and its registration in Prooftag Cerv in association with descriptive data.

ProoftagCerv is a central platform that can be used with all Prooftag security technologies. It is a customizable tool accessible to rights holders in order to manage their security certificates in relation to the description of secure products/documents, the associated services and their statistics.

Prooftag Cerv is at the center of the chaosmetric security concept. Prooftag Cerv can operate as a stand-alone solution or be linked to a third party or to a customized solution.

A Large Panel of Services


PAGEcerv is a module to create and manage product sheets for:

Validate the correspondence of a product/document with its description.

Enhance and promote a product by presenting its characteristics.


TEMPcerv is a module to define the design of the interface:

Implementation of the presentation elements of the product sheets.

Reproduce the graphic universe of your site, and make it evolve over time.


ACTIcerv is a module for associating fingerprints to a record:

This association activates the references to make them available online.


STATcerv provides access to activation and consultation statistics.

Keep an overview on the use of the solution (stock, product range…).

Check the number of visits and their location to identify any improper use.


SAFEcerv is a module for configuring security options:

For customization of data sheets created with PAGEcerv.


WEBcerv is a module for interconnecting:

Prooftag Cerv’s authentication services to your own website.

WEBcerv offers two modes of integration: iFrame and Webservices.


TRACKcerv is a module to manage product and document flows:

It is an essential tool for centrally consolidating product/document lifecycle data.


SALEcerv is a module to manage your distribution networks :

To visualise sales in real time.


BACKcerv is a management and analysis module:

Product returns at the point of sale.