Tamper-evident shrink sleeve

Prooftag offers tamper-evident shrink sleeves to ensure product integrity and track & trace.

A tamper-evident shrink sleeve is generally used to assure consumers that a product is intact. It acts as a seal to prove that a product has never been opened.

A tamper-evident sleeve does not prevent the product from being physically opened, but must be able to prove that it has been opened. It is a tampering indicator that acts as a deterrent to those who wish to tamper with an opening.

To prevent the unintentional opening of a product during its transport

Alert on attempts to open products and the insertion of foreign bodies in the packaging

Protect the product from contamination in case of testing by unscrupulous consumers

Shrink Sleeves

Beyond this mechanical function, Prooftag offers tamper evident sleeves with traceability and marketing elements.

We offer several types of materials to meet your needs in terms of shrink level, type of container or technical and environmental constraints.

They are resistant to moisture, abrasion and friction.

To facilitate opening, the tamper-evident sleeve can be perforated.

The sleeves are available in rolls or pre-cuts.

Tamper evident security shrink sleeves for track & trace and authenticity

Prooftag offers you tamper-proof shrink sleeves with a choice of several digital marketing, traceability and security technologies.