Seal Applicator

Prooftag offers its own semi-automated equipment for applying security seals on products.

Seal Applicator

It is a tabletop equipment to put security seals on your products. It is set-up to place seals on a wide range of products with different shapes and sizes:




The Seal Applicator applies up to 20 seals per minute on a flat surface, cylinder or a box edge. It quickly adjusts to the format when changing of product reference.

Equipment for the removal of seals on products
CertiTRACK Seal Applicator Workstation connected to CertiTRACK software

CertiTRACK Seal Applicator Workstation

The CertiTRACK Seal Applicator Workstation is a package that uses CertiTRACK to efficiently control:

The application of seals on products with a Seal Applicator

The scan of the seal reference

Printing case labels

For this purpose, the Seal Applicator is equipped with a 15″ touch screen computer to pilot the equipment. A high-speed reader is integrated into the equipment to capture the reference of each seal applied by the system in the same motion. A printer generates a serialized label for each case produced. In addition, a portable reader is provided to scan the product reference or to manage errors.