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Actor in the field of wine & spirits ?
Protect your name, your bottles, your consumers.

Wine & Spirits

Since 2007, Prooftag has been developing with and for professionals in the wine & spirits sector, a wide range of anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect against the production of fake wines and spirits.
At the same time, we take into account the problems of fraud linked to the refilling of bottles and the development of parallel markets.

These solutions are implemented to prove the authenticity of the bottles, trace them individually and ensure that they have never been opened. In addition, they create added value for producers through extensive marketing services.

Prooftag brings its experience and know-how in the protection of products, whether top-of-the-range or entry-level, to producers, dealers, distributors, experts and auction houses. We invite you to discover our entire range of products and services.

Wine & Spirits - Authentication Wine bottles to fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets

Brand Protection

Why do your bottles need safety technology ?

Parallel Markets

Do your consumers buy your products from an official reseller ?

You work to offer your product to consumers in the best possible conditions. Directly or through a carefully selected professional network. It is not appropriate to see your bottles appear involuntarily in markets that you have not chosen.

Tracing your bottles has become a necessity to identify those who sabotage your commercial policy.

Security and traceability solution for wine bottles against parallel markets
Identify the source of parallel markets or grey marketing


Can your consumers easily verify the authenticity of your bottles?

The wine market is global and multi-channel. Counterfeiting scandals now affect all regions of the world and all types of wine. Counterfeiters can easily and safely make as much profit with entry-level and mid-range wines as with grands crus. More and more consumers are questioning the authenticity of wines.

Your consumers in doubt need to be able to verify the authenticity of the bottles they buy.


Do your consumers have the assurance that the contents of your bottle have not been replaced?

Opening a bottle without leaving the slightest trace of tampering is simple and easy. Many food service professionals and individuals have understood this. Re-filling and reselling these bottles has become a common fraud on old vintages and a danger to your reputation.

It is therefore necessary to seal your capsules to prevent any attempt at refilling today and tomorrow.


Prove the authenticity of each bottle to distributors and consumers

Wine bottle with Prooftag security seal - Bubble seal

Reassure your customers by allowing them to verify the authenticity  of your bottles themselves before purchase.

Authentication with mobile phone

Give yourself the possibility to identify and authenticate each of your bottles, wherever it is on the market and without specific equipment.

authentication through our webservices on your own website

Integrate the authentication service on your website to promote its use and send a dissuasive message to counterfeiters.


Interact with your consumers

Each Prooftag security seal is a unique security fingerprint for each bottle. It is associated with an identity card on the online services platform: Prooftag Cerv. These identification sheets are also there to enhance your name and your products by creating your own presentation sheets.

Enlighten your consumers on the specificities of the products and accompany them in the choice and discovery of your bottles. The solution integrates directly on your website to facilitate its use by consumers and create a direct relationship with them.

Digital marketing in the language of your consumers

Communicate in the language of your customers

Customize the content of your presentation sheets and distribute them in 37 different languages. Prooftag Cerv automatically identifies the customer’s language to present the content available in his language.

réseaux sociaux et interaction digitale avec les consommateurs

Social Network

Easily integrate social networks into your presentation sheets to create a continuous link with your consumers.

Track your products from production to consumer

Statistics and geographic tracking

The use of seals by distributors and consumers allows you to visualize the distribution of your bottles throughout the world. Prooftag Cerv offers the possibility to connect each bottle to its buyer or its country of destination. In association with the consultation data, you quickly visualize anomalies in your distribution network linked to the appearance of parallel markets and opportunities for commercial development.


Manage your Track & Trace in real-time with CertiTRACK

Trace each bottle from production to consumption in connection with your quality approach to identify potential reasons for non-compliance (cap, bottle, tank…). Limit your health risks by following your bottles in your distribution networks in the hypothetical need to make a product recall.

Specifically designed to control the mass serialization of your products, CertiTRACK simplifies data management by centralizing information related to your products and their associated processes.


Serialization and recording of information relating to each bottle :

Product – Time/Date/Year – Bottle type – Production batch – Cap batch – Bottle manufacturer’s batch – Filling unit/ filters/gas.


Inventory management.

Identification of storage batches.


Management and recording of information related to the labelling of each bottle :

Dressing to order – Pre-dressing – Management of regulatory markings.

Case packing

Association of the information on the bottle with the reference of the case.

Securing the case with a security seal to prove its integrity.


Identification of each bottle in each case. Personalization and labeling of the cases. Allocation of cases to customers Securing of the case with a security seal.


Identification of each box in each pallet. Management of the composition of the pallets whether they are homogeneous or heterogeneous.


Management of shipping lots in relation to production orders/purchase orders…


Anti-counterfeiting technologies to prove the authenticity of the bottles

Our Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

Conventional security authentication technologies such as those used on banknotes are mass-produced and therefore mass-reproducible. Only technologies that cannot be reproduced by their own manufacturers offer the assurance of effective protection against counterfeiting.

Since 2004, Prooftag has been developing its own authentication solutions based on the concept of chaosmetry. Like biometrics, which identifies and authenticates human beings by their physical characteristics, chaosmetry relies on the registration of physical elements that cannot be cloned to create a unique serialized authentication element for each product.


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Product details

Prooftag cerv

  • Add product details and characteristics directly on the Prooftag CERV interface
  • Add additional information such as origin or composition
  • Register the languages available for viewing your products
  • Define the safety data associated with the product


Prooftag cerv

  • Connectivity and serialisation
  • Track & trace your products and identify the distribution channels of your products
  • Create shipping or product return events
  • Certitrack integration allows you to manage the users and applications that have access to your products


Prooftag cerv

Build customer loyalty by rewarding them for each seal scan


Prooftag cerv

  • Get an alert each time a seal is consulted
  • Receive product location information


Prooftag cerv

Consult the consultation statistics in real time by

  • country
  • consultation language
  • product type


Prooftag cerv
Monitor your markets in real time
and adapt your strategies in real time