eDMR® Range of Readers

Prooftag offers a range of readers for the electronic and formal authentication of its chaosmetric security fingerprints.
Such as : Bubble Tag®, Ramdot®, FiberTag®, DataCrypt®.

eDMR® (electronic DIRECT Mobile Reader)

The constant evolution of the capacities of public or private communication networks offers a new world of possibilities. New opportunities for the development of reading systems allowing access to web services for the authentication of Prooftag security tags. The family of new Prooftag readers is called eDMR ®, for both professional and consumer applications. It has been designed to work with Android® smartphones as well as on professional equipment.

Thanks to these new reading devices, electronic authentication of chaosmetric fingerprints can now be integrated into solutions with mobile or connected applications.

eDMR® (Electronic DIRECT Mobile Reader) to read Prooftag technologies

eDMR ® takes advantage of the high connection capacity of current smartphones and radio systems to connect to the Prooftag Cerv platform. This, in order to develop a new level of interactivity between the agents in charge of authentication and the central platform.

During this authentication, the application interacts with the eDMR ® to extract a signature from the security fingerprint. It queries the reference database in local or connected mode in order to compare it with the original signature recorded in the certification act.

The comparison of the signatures as well as the verification of the three-dimensional character enable the formal authentication of Prooftag’s chaosmetric security fingerprints.


eDMR®-A is the consumer version, without electronic additives. This application is downloadable on Android smartphone. It grants 2D identification/authentication of all Prooftag security fingerprints.

eDMR® (Electronic DIRECT Mobile Reader) consumer version to read Prooftag technologies
Equipment - eDMR®-B professional for secure reading


eDMR®-B is the professional version of eDMR-A. It integrates a secure and encrypted opto-electronic add-on connects to the USB port of the smartphone. This version grants a 3D identification/ authentication of all Prooftag fingerprints.


eDMR®-C is a professional mobile or fixed version that connects to the USB port of a PC, smartphone or a private radio such as TETRA or DMR. eDMR®-C directly embeds an electronic signature calculation module for 3D identification/authentication of all Prooftag® fingerprints.

Professional mobile or fixed version eDMR-C (Electronic DIRECT Mobile Reader)


eDMR®-D is a fixed professional desk version which embeds an algorithm management computer. This version can be connected to the Internet, GSM/WiFi/TETRA/DMR network.

Product details

Prooftag cerv

  • Add product details and characteristics directly on the Prooftag CERV interface
  • Add additional information such as origin or composition
  • Register the languages available for viewing your products
  • Define the safety data associated with the product


Prooftag cerv

  • Connectivity and serialisation
  • Track & trace your products and identify the distribution channels of your products
  • Create shipping or product return events
  • Certitrack integration allows you to manage the users and applications that have access to your products


Prooftag cerv

Build customer loyalty by rewarding them for each seal scan


Prooftag cerv

  • Get an alert each time a seal is consulted
  • Receive product location information


Prooftag cerv

Consult the consultation statistics in real time by

  • country
  • consultation language
  • product type


Prooftag cerv
Monitor your markets in real time
and adapt your strategies in real time